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Patrik Mata and Sherry Rubber just finished up an exclusive photoshoot for their support of their wonderful endorsement with Coffin Case.
From the killer cases to the bloodiest of the new Blood Drive Pedals Kommunity FK rocks with Coffin Case!!!
We are only allowed to give you a sneak peak of the photoshoot at this time...tee/hee...

PatrikCoffinCaseEndorsment PatrikCoffinCaseEndorsment PatrikCoffinCaseEndorsment  
SherryCoffinCaseEndorsment SherryCoffinCaseEndorsment SherryCoffinCaseEndorsment  

Yes, all the rumors are true!! Patrik Mata and Sherry Rubber would like to thank Mark at Coffin Case for backing Kommunity FK. Patrik and Sherry thoroughly enjoyed their first time out to the Cofin Case offices in Los Angeles where they were given cases, t-shirts, mic cases, and Sherry's exclusive coffin purse.

Patrik's photo will be featured in the new Coffin Case 'NAMM Ad'. NAMM 2006 is being held in Los Angeles.
Also, take a look at one of Patrik's feature endorsement photos in the new Coffin Case News Letter . Patrik's upcoming photoshoot images will be used in future Coffin Case News Letters. We will keep you updated when this photoshoot will be sent to print. Patrik Mata of Kommunity FK-Endorsement Photo for Coffin Case
Kommunity Fk Endorsed by Coffin Case

Visit coffin case at: www.coffincase.com and be like your heroes from Kommunity FK!

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