Kommunity FK Patrik Mata-KFK Creator_1984



•The Vision and the Voice :
Independent Project~ Vinyl 1983
Cleopatra~ CD 1994/1998 (discontinued)
Kommunity PM~ Digital 1998 (official release)
Mobilization Records/Patrik Mata~ CD 2006 (official re-release)

•Close One Sad Eye :
Independent Project~ Vinyl 1985
Cleopatra~ CD 1993

•La Santisima Muerte :
Kommunity PM Rekords~ CD 2010
Distributed by Cargo Music

•Proper FKed Volume 1- Full Length Remix Companion (For 'La Santisima Muerte'):
Kommunity PM Rekords~ Digital 2011
CD Baby

•Thee Image & Thee Myth :
Crysella Records~ Digital/CD/Vinyl 2015
Distributed by Sony Records/Membrain, Plastichead, Code 7


•Art Of Gothic "Something Inside Of Me Has Died"

•Radio Tokyo Tapes II (1984) "Poisoning"

•Scream Compilation (Geffen 1984) "Something Inside Me Has Died(remix)"

•Viva Los Angeles II (Viva 1990) "Is It Your Face"

•The Whip (Cleopatra 1993) "Junkies"

•Gothik (Cleopatra 1995) "We Will Not Fall"

•Goth Oddity (Cleopatra 1998) "Hang Onto Yourself"

•Witchcraft (Cleopatra 1999) "23rd Curse"

•Notes From The Real Underground Vol4 (Underground,Inc. 2000) "Shades Of You"

•Dancing On Your Grave UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE (Cleopatra 2003) "Something Inside Me Has Died"

•Gothika II UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE (Cleopatra 2004) "The Voice"

•A Life Less Lived (Rhino 2006) "To Blame"

•Kaliffornian Deathrock (Strobelight 2006) "We Will Not Fall"

•The Bats Volume II Compilation (Bandcamp 2015) "Doll Ov Thee Undead" (Kitty Lectro Remix)

•Dark Secrets (Deadfall Records 2015) "Thee New Tribe" (Single)


•Lost Boys (1983) "We Will Not Fall"-Song Lifted

•Modern Girls (1984) "Something Inside Me Has Died"

•:The Last Party (1993) "You Got It All Wrong"

•Sincerity On The Sunset Strip (1998) "Something Inside Me Has Died"

•Sex, Death, & Eyeliner (Dark Future 2000) "23rd Curse"

•Whores Of Darkness (Burning Angel Entertainment 2011) "Saga Ov Thee Illuminaztiez",
"We Belong Dead", "23rd Curse","Undulate", "Shadez Ov U"


•Let's Die Compilation : Compilation-"Let's Die"
Doug Moody Productions/Mystic 1985

•"Hydro Carbons From A Meteorite (Green)" : Patrik Mata Solo Album :
Transparency Records 1999-
Kommunity PM-2001

•"The Vision And The Voice" : Re-release of Kommunity FK Klassic LP :
Mobilization Records/Patrik Mata-CD 2006(official re-release)

•A Life Less Lived : Compilation-"To Blame"
Rhino Records 2006

•Kaliffornian Deathrock : Compilation-"We Will Not Fall"
Strobelight Records 2006