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PATRIK MATA formed the legendary band KOMMUNITY FK in 1978.
Mata is the sole founding visionary, composer, lyricist, musical arranger, vocalist/guitarist, and style chameleon.

When Kommunity FK was first formed by Mata there was no such thing as Alternative music, Gothic music, Industrial music, and any other terms known by the music scene of today.
His vision was new and his creation was raw. First reviews of Kommunity FK were headlined with Patrik's quotes such as "Any noise that fits...". Kommunity FK's music was so artistic and such new sound
that the only term that even came around through the press to classify Mata's band and music at the time was "gloom & doom" even though this did not fit the mage nor the inspirational musikal pieces of Kommunity FK.
Mata is heavily inspired by Surrealist artists the likes of Dali, Jean Cocteau, and David Bowie.

Patrik Mata has always been one of those people that were born with that creative magnet.
From the beginning of his musical career he has attracted people such as Phil Specter who jumped up on Mata's stage at Rodney's 'On The Roq Club' in 1975.
Producers such as David Bowies Ken Scott and Joe Chicarelli have all come Mata's professional working way due to his strong, original, and passionate singing voice.
Even Mata's own unique personal style have attracted the movie industry to approach him to be hired for numerous films.
Mata's was also approached by Vogue Magazine for a professional modeling shoot in 1983 (the picture at the top right of this page is one from that particular shoot).

Within one year of Kommunity FK's live performances (all booked and promoted by Mata himself) Kommunity FK had attracted world wide attention as well as a record label.

Also attracted to Mata was the management company that handled Bauhaus and Sex Gang Children. They swooped Mata out of Los Angeles and took him off to England in 1985 where Mata spent two years extensively recording and touring. During this time Patrik befriended many comrads in the world of music.
He spent time in the mid 1980s at the now legendary club the original Batcave formed by Specimen.

While Mata was working in England the Kommunity FK album "Close One Side Eye" along with the video "Something Inside Me Has Died" were both finally released within the United States. Both started to catch on immensely. The video was chosen and shown by Elvira herself for her MTV Halloween special two years in a row.
Placing in her countdown list within the top four between The Cure and Bauhaus. MTV's 120 Minutes also played the new Kommunity FK video release extensively.
It was then Mata returned to the United States to continue working.

Kommunity FK has performed with:
Killing Joke
Alien Sex Fiend
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Sex Gang Children
Christian Death & Shadow Project
Peter Murphy
Nina Hagen
Toys Dolls
Lords Of The New Church
Modern English
Gun Club
Nick Cave
Gene Loves Jezebel
Flesh For Lulu
45 Grave
Lydia Lunch
The Virgin Prunes
Xmal Deutschland
Clan Of Xymox
and more legendary bands.

With Mata's world wide following Kommunity FK is the most covered band for inspiring today's genre of alternative/gothic/deathrock/industrial music. Artists such as Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction, Elijah Blue Allman (Cher's and Greg Allman's son) of Deadsy (Deadsy has covered and recorded numerous Kommunity FK songs such as 'No Fear', 'Bullets', 'Anti-Pop', and more), Jonathon Davis of Korn, Axl Rose of Guns & Roses, and many others attribute Kommunity FK/Patrik Mata as one of their main influences.

Author Brendan Mullen has written the biography of Jane's Addiction and Perry Farrell titled "Whores" (released in June of 2005), in which Patrik Mata of Kommunity FK is a fairly large part of, being mentioned several times throughout the book. Perry Farrell was so taken by Patrik Mata he followed him to Mata's place of work (Fiorucci in the year 1978) just to stare at Mata and his unique star demeanor and stylish fashions. Farrell's biography written by Dave Thompson in the '90s mentions Patrick Mata and his influence upon the L.A. underground music scene numerous times. Once Farrell decided to start making his own music his Kommunity FK influences became more than obvious when he incorporated barking dogs at the end of the Jane's Addiction song "Got Caught Stealing" in the mid 1990s. Farrell took this idea from Kommunity FK's song "Incompatible Disposition" written in 1979, that is found on the Kommunity FK album "The Vision and The Voice."


The following are published books that contain content featuring Kommunituy FK and Patrick Mata.

•California Hardcore : Author-Craig Lee

•Gothic Rock I : Author-Mick Mercer

•Hex Files/The Goth Bible : Author-Mick Mercer

•21st Century Goth : Author-Mick Mercer

•Lexicon Devil/The Fast Times & Short Life Of Darby Crash And The Germs :
Author-Brendan Mullen with Don Bolles and Adam Parfery

•California Rock, California Sound: The Music of Los Angeles and Southern California :
Author-Anthony Fawcett

•Perry Farrell: The Saga of a Hypester : Author-Dave Thompson

•Whores : Author-Brendan Mullen

•IMPULSE MAGAZINE ARCHEOLOGY ANTHOLOGY : Authors-Patrik Mata, William Burroughs, Salvador Dali, and more.
This wonderful hardcover book release is called the "Impulse Magazine Archeology Anthology." Patrik recently licensed his 1979 interview of Nina Hagen.
This interview Patrik did of Ms. Hagen was Nina's first interview ever conducted in the United States. It was originally published back in 1980.
Other authors that are included in this wonderful hard back release are: William Burroughs, Russ Myers, John Waters, Charles Bukowski, Salvador Dali, Patti Smith, and more.

•THE GOTH BIBILE : Author-Nancy Kilpatrick

•TOUR SMART : Author-Martin Atkins and various artists including Patrik Mata himself

•MUSIC TO DIE FOR: Author-Mick Mercer