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Kommunity FK On ~This Is Gothic Rock Vol. 1 Special KOMMUNITY FK

Kommunity FK is thee featured band on Trevor Bamford's Darklord Radio Show "This Is Gothic Rock Vol. 1 Special"~
A number one radio spot on two charts!!

90 minutes of amazing bands/musik as this feature has reached numer one in the Industrial chart
and number one in the Post-Punk chart on Mixcloud!

Download thee Darklord Radio Show "This Is Gothic Rock Vol. 1 Special"~ and own this number uno feature!!!

Sherry Rubber~Interview~GoirNoire


Kommunity FK's guitarist Sherry Rubber has just finished another great interview!!
Gore Noir Magazine placed Sherry as one of the front cover interview features of their 3rd anniversary issue that was recently released~

Gore Noir's interviewer 'Ariel' came up with some great questions for Sherry regarding her almost 20 year reign as Kommunity FK's lead guitarist.

This newest interview gets Sherry's insite as the singer/guitarist for Kommunity FK's '2 headed love child' HEXXabilly band Texylvania as well!!!

Get your 3rd Anniversary Issue of Gore Noir at:
* Gore Noir/BigCartel

* Magster

* I Tunes

A big thank you to Taylor, Ariel, Mitch Rafter, and all the ghouls at Gore Noir!!!

Kommunikty FK~Cover&Feature Interview In Subkulture Mag KOMMUNITY FK ~ COVER & FEATURE

Kommunity FK is honored to be the band that graces the cover of the newest issue of Subkulture Magazine .

Along with being the cover Kommunity FK's leader Heir Patrik Mata gives an indepth interview about himself and Kommunity FK.
You will also find several new picture of Kommunity FK's 35th Anniversary Tour performances
live at the Los Angeles 'Batcave' and Houston's 'Underworld' venues.
Kommunity FK

Subkulture is a top notch Gothik/Deathrock magazine that is available in both hard copy and online.
Patrik sends his many thanks to the great staff at Subkulture Magazine and Alternative musik fans world wide!!

This IS 21st century Deathrock!!!

Kommunity FK Interview~CvltNation-O.Sheppard

YES!!! This in depth interview with Patrik is an amazing read!!
Oliver Sheppard himself inquired if Patrik would do this interview for CvltNation
when Kommunity FK was touring through Dallas.

Patrik very much enjoyed doing this particular interview as Oliver has a great deal of knoweldge regarding the Deathrock scene itself.

A insider point as well is that Kommunity FK's newest set list now starts with thee klassik Kommunity FK song "Restriktions" from 'The Vision & The Voice' album as this song was a request of Oliver's at the headlining Kommunity FK bill he attended last summer....Thank you, Mr. Sherppard!!!

Enjoy the new read about Kommunity FK & Patrik~This interview is a in depth piece!!!
Kommunity FK IS 21st Century Deathrock!!!
Kommunity FK-21st Century Deathrock Kommunity FK

Patrik Mata/Kommunity FK Interview~Gore Noir Magazine

Patrik has just done another feature interview. This one is for the horror genre magazine "Gore Noir"~
Gore Noir's very own CEO and main writer approached Patrik to do this interview after Kommunity FK's headlining show in Austin, Texas.

This interview is a special interview as Patrik reveals his top five favorite books and his top five favorite horror films to Taylor of Gore Noir Magazine!!!
Be sure to pick up your hard copy of GORE NOIR MAGAZINE today!!

Patrik had a lot of fun with this interview~He sends his thanks to Taylor and all the staff at Gore Noir!!
Patrik Mata/Kommunity FK Interview~Gore Noir Magazine

PreSonus Artist Spotlight

Patrik Mata PreSonus~Artist Spotlight Patrik Mata PreSonus~Artist Roster Patrik's long time endorser "PreSonus" has just launched their new website and Patrik is a feature on their 'Artist Spotlight'.

We had to keep this under wraps as the new lauch was top secret.
Patrik as asked a full range of questions for this Spotlight interview. There are new photos of Patrik featured on the new PreSonus website as well.

Here are the links of Patrik throughout the PreSonus Website:
Patrik Mata~PreSonus Spotlight Interview
Patrik Mata~Official PreSonus Artist Roster

Patrik sends his many thanks to Ryan, Mark, Brad, and all those at PreSonus!

Kommunity FK

Patrik Mata~Kommunity FK Kommunity FK/Patrik Mata Interview:
Blood Lit Radio

Kommunity FK's shows throughout Southern California, through the SW and into Texas for the Spring/Summer of 2013 were fantastic~ Kommunity FK is back in the 'Vision & The Voice Studios' hard at work as their leader Patrik Mata is a mastermind behind the board in thee late hours of the night unto dawn....

Patrik and Kommunity FK have been receiving numerous interview requests from around the world.
Within his breaks in the studio Patrik is trying his best to complete each request when time permits.....

Patrik gives an indepth interview to Mike Pougounas of Blood Lit Radio. New images are posted within this interview along with past and recent Kommunity FK events lived and told by Patrik himself.
* Check out the newest Kommunity FK Interview here.

Patrik sends his thanks to DJ Father Coven of Blood Lit Radio's and congratulates him on his exciting new online launch.

Kommunity FK looks forward to another great year filled with KFK's one and only klassik musikal style, krazy nights,
and all of you great fans!!!

Kommunity FK-21st Century Deathrock Kommunity FK-21st Century Deathrock
Patrik Mata/Kommunity FK-Blood Lit Radio Interview

Kommunity FK~Chosen As Deathrock Radio's 'Band Of The Year 2013' Thee New Tribe-KFK Single-USA Debut
Kommunity FK
Deathrock Radios's "BAND OF THE YEAR~2013"

We here at the Kommunity FK HQ are pleased to annouce that KOMMUNITY FK has been chosen as Deathrock Radio's "BAND OF THE YEAR~2013"!!!

Kommunity FK celebrated their 35th anniversary this year, toured, Patrik did tons of interviews~both online, hard copy magazines, and radio, and Kommunity FK also did several special debuts of new songs via national and international radio stations.
Kommunity FK is very honored by this decision and sends their thank you to all the staff at Deathrock Radio.

The Kommunity FK single "THEE NEW TRIBE" from Kommunity FK's album titled "THEE IMAGE & THEE MYTH" made it's debut in the United States via Deathrock Radio Tampa.

DJ Rivithead was DJ for this great USA debut as it fell on thee Winter Solstice and we here at the Kommunity FK Kontingent HQ think that it was the perfect date!! Many thanks from Kommunity FK to Deathrock Radio and all of you who support Kommunity FK!!

Kommunity FK-21st Century Deathrock Kommunity FK-21st Century Deathrock

Patrik Mata - OG Deathrock Patrik Mata/Kommunity FK
Live Hollywood 1979 Kommunity FK Featured On:
Plunder The Tombs

Plunder The Tombs is a blog created and writen by Sutekh The Destroyer.
Based out of Western Austailia Sutekn started Plunder The Tombs as a way of looking back on a musical past that he felt was in sore need of curation.

As many Kommunity FK/Deathrock/Goth fans have also expressed-
It seemed Sutken felt that what passes for Goth these days is not even what the scene or music once was. Plunder The Tombs is a blog filled with history and information regarding many bands from back in the days of 1979 to 1988.

Patrik himself has really enjoyed the depth of Setken's take on Kommuinity FK.
It looks as if Setkin knows a great deal of history regarding bands that helped start the genre of Deathrock/Goth and does his research well.

This write up/blog spot on Kommunity FK starts off with Patrik in Los Angeles starting Kommunity FK in 1978 as well as insite upon the album art of Kommunity FK.
Kommunity FK

You can check out this blog of Kommunity FK at: plunderthetombs.blogspot.com/ .

Kommunity FK/Patrik Mata
Interviewed For New International Gothic Book Kommunity FK/Patrik Mata
Interviewed For New International Gothic Book

Kommunity FK/Patrik Mata Interviewed For Another International Gothic Book

UK Journalist/Natasha Scharf contacted Kommunity FK regarding a new book she was in the midst of writing. This new publication is all about the International Goth Scene and is now available.

Patrik was asked if he would please consider being interviewed for this new publication regarding Kommunity FK/Patrik Mata and his role in the birth of Deathrock in Amerika.
Patrik's interivew/statments are used thorughout the entire publication.

Even though we here Kommunity FK Kontingent supplied past and present photographs of Patrik/Kommunity FK along with Patrik's interview for this new book-The publisher chose a photograph that was taken by 'Uncle N' when Kommunity FK performed in Leipzig, Germany in late May of 2010. You can view this live shot of Kommunity FK on page 126.
The title of this new publication is "A Chronicle Of A Tribe/World Wide Gothic".
Pick up your copy of World Wide Gothic for your Gothik/DeathRock & Kommunity FK Kollection.

Kommunity FK-Deathrock

Kommunity FK Kommunity FK
Kommunity FK Soundtrack Score & Full Interview

Kommunity FK was contacted by Joanna Angel who is the CEO/founder of Burning Angel Entertainment. Joanna had been given a copy of the newest Kommunity FK CD "La Santisima Muerte" and she felt that several of the songs on this album would be perfect for a new DVD she was directing. Joanna herself contacted Patrik via email and let him know she wanted to use four of these new Kommunity FK songs for her current project. Patrik and Joanna worked out the details. When all was said and done not only four-but five Kommunity FK tracks off "La Santisima Muerte" were set as the sound track for the newest release from Burning Angel titled "The Whores Of Darkness".

Being the soundtrack for this type of product is a whole new relm/a first for Kommunity FK but Joanna herself was very professional, as well as, very pleasent to work with during the negotiations. Joanna even made sure that the Kommunity FK logo was placed on the front of the packaging. We here at the Kommunity FK Kamp are pretty sure this DVD is out and available now...Check out BurningAngel.com for full details.

Also, a interivew with Patrik is posted at Burning Angel.com.
Seeing that you must be a 18 years in age to visit Buring Angel.com we here at the Kommuinty FK HQ felt that we would give you the URLs to the 'saucy' new interview with Patrik-Instead of doing a direct URL linking.
Check out this one of a kind interview with Mr. Mata himself at:

Patrik and Sherry send their thanks to Joanna and Jojo!

Patrik-Kommunity FK-21st Century Deathrock
Patrik'S Birthday Celebration
Patrik's birthday soiree was a great evening that ran into the early morning!

This party was held at 'The Blackbird Buvette' in Albuquerque, New Mexico
on Saturday September 17, 2011

Patrik's party packed out the entire club!
Patrik was a special guest DJ and performed live as a guest vocalist for the 'Dirty Novels'.
The entire evening was well documented through the camera lens of Sherry Rubber.
Check out this party page and all (well most-tee/hee) of the evenings celebration!!

Everyone here at the Kommunity FK Kontingent wish Patrik a very happy birthday-
And many many more to come!!!

Kommunity FK-Deathrock Kommunity FK-Deathrock

Kommunity FK/Patrik
Featured In Gothic Magazine

Kommunity FK feature In Gothic Magazine
Kommunity FK/Patrik
Featured In Gothic Magazine

Patrik was asked to do a full interview for Thomas Thyssen of Gothic Magazine based out of Germany. Gothic Magazine asked to due a full spread on the complete history of Kommunity FK.

From the first days of Patrik forming the band in 1978 up until today as Patrik has taken Kommunity FK into defining it as 21st Century Deathrock.

We here at the Kommunity FK Kontingent sent Gothic Magazine images never released that show the photographed history of Patrik and Kommunity FK.

Through no one here on this side of the pond in the Kommunity FK Kamp have seen the article in print Patrik and Sherry are very excited about being featured as Thomas Thyssen's "GOTHIC CHRONICLES" spread in Gothic Magazine's Issue #68 released in September 2010- Kommunity FK

And we can not wait to get our hands on it!

Check out Gothic Magazine at: www.gothic-magazine.de/ and www.myspace.com/gothicmagazine

Kommunity FK/Patrik
Live onstage At WGT 2010-Germany

Kommunity FK Featured In Nemesis Magazine #9 Kommunity FK 
Live At WGT 2010-Germany

Kommunity FK received a nice surprize when they noticed a comment posted
on the official Kommunity FK MySpace webpage.

Uncle N of the online webzine "Nemesis" had posted a live shot of Patrik performing at the WGT 2010 festival along with the information that his new issue was out and Kommunity FK was in the new issue several times throughout.

First off there was a great review of the Kommunity FK live performance from May 24, 2010 at WGT in Leipzig, Germany.

Second, there are awesome new live shots from the Kommunity FK WGT 2010 performance posted.

And last but not least Nemesis Magazine did a wonderful review of the new full length Kommunity FK album "La Santisima Muerte"
(scroll down around 3/4s of the Nemesis webpage to find the review).

Both Patrik and Sherry want to send their thanks to Uncle N/CEO of Nemesis Online Magazine for 'clocking' each and every new boundary that Kommunity FK is breaking.

21st Century Deathrock, baby!!

Kommunity FK
Kommunity FK 
In Webzine: Nemisis

Kommunity FK Fans Get KFK Tattoo

This picture was sent to Patrik by a true Kommunity FK fan.
Patrik could not express the words of his gratitude when he first laid eyes on this photograph of the beautiful "Brish" sporting her "We Will Not Fall" tattoo.
Brish proudly shows her love for Patrik's anthem song off the first Kommunity FK album
"The Vision And The Voice". Kommunity FK

Brish hails from the Russian Federation along with her friends who also are fans of Kommunity FK.

Patrik sends his love and thanks to Brish and all of you.

Patrik Mata's Vision & The Voice Studio logo

We here at the Kommunity FK Kontingent are thrilled to announce the opening of Patrik Mata's
"Vision And The Voice Recording Studio".

Opening his own recording studio has been a long time dream of Patrik's and he made this big dream come true. Patrik has armed the Vision and The Voice studio with top notch monster computers, synths, mics, vintage amps, basses, guitars, and his own special touches. Patrik is very proud of the newest piece of his studio's brain-his "Firebox" endorsed by PreSonus .

Patrik will again be accepting submissions of music from bands that are interested in having their material remixed and/or produced by Patrik Mata himself at V&V studios once Kommunity FK have completed their upcoming round of live performances.

Patrik would like to thank Mr. Mark Williams for all of his guidance and support regarding the creation of The Vision And The Voice Studio .

Kommunity FK
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